Expert assessment of the house and land With Property Valuation

Property Valuation appraisal is a procedure that consists of two stages, determining the value of the building itself and the land on which it stands. The lack of an appraised value of the land plot makes it impossible to conduct a transaction of any nature. Since the process will take more time for the expert, the cost of services doubles – this should be taken into account by the customer when submitting documents and drawing up an agreement with the company.

How to order a service?

Our specialists work in accordance with the current Ukrainian legislation, which has been amended regarding valuation activities on the territory of Ukraine. Following the letter of the law, the assessment is based on:

  • technical documentation for the house;
  • cadastral passport for a land plot;
  • title documents confirming the applicant’s ownership of the objects to be assessed.

When applying to the appraisal company, the applicant provides personal documents confirming his identity. If the applicant acts on behalf of another individual, it is mandatory to have a power of attorney confirming his right to apply for an assessment or perform other actions. A power of attorney is only valid if it is notarized.

Our specialists can evaluate the house online, if it is more convenient for the owner. The prepared report, which has already been entered in the unified register by representatives of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, will be sent to the client’s place of residence.

Property Valuation

By what markers do we evaluate the house and land?

An expert appraisal of a house and a land plot is a process that requires the appraiser to take into account numerous factors:

  • remoteness of the object from the city limits;
  • quadrature of the building and the size of the plot;
  • year of construction of the house, degree of wear;
  • the material from which the object is built;
  • the degree of well-groomed building and land;
  • availability of infrastructure facilities in the cottage settlement;
  • traffic level.

When evaluating a land plot with a building, a specialist analyzes the pricing policy of the regional real estate market, indicating the reliable value of the object in the report. Our services are relevant for those who plan to sell, exchange private property, enter into a pledge agreement when obtaining a loan from a bank, a mortgage agreement, and conduct transactions of a different nature.

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