Why estimate property valuation for insurance?

In the event that the object of insurance is portable or irremovable property valuation, before the conclusion of the insurance contract, an assessment of the object of insurance is obligatory. This is a necessary measure in order to determine the quantum of damage in the event of the consummation of a particular threat, independently, the quantum of payments for each of the previsioned pitfalls and the quantum of insurance decorations.
The assessment of the object of insurance can be carried out by the expert commission of the insurance company, the state assessment commission or an independent assessment association that has the applicable permit or instrument. In any case, the assessment of the object of insurance should be as objective as possible.
Why do you need a property valuation for insurance?
The fact is that although an underestimation allows you to reduce the quantum of regular insurance decorations, but in the event of a threat, the quantum paid won’t be enough to cover all the charges quested by the contract. For the ensured, this means fresh fiscal difficulties, and for the insurance company, this situation threatens to sue for ineffective insurance.

still, the ensured will have to pay exaggerated benefactions, which doesn’t mean, If the assessment of the value of the property for insurance is overrated. According to Russian law, the quantum of insurance payments must correspond to the value of damaged or destroyed property or be less, but no further than the specified value. At the same time, the difference between the threat payment and insurance decorations, as a rule, isn’t refunded. In order to avoid such a situation, we recommend reaching our independent company Independent Evaluation Center for the assessment of the insurance object, which isn’t interested in either understating or overdoing the real value of the insured object.
Independent Appraisal property valuation is the perfect choice for you. Our company has been working in this direction for a long time. You can get professional help and appreciate the high position of services handed.

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